Harting M140K - Rendezvous

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06140400001 n/a n/a USA n/a 12.02.2007
06140401329 n/a n/a USA n/a 30.07.2012
06141000055 n/a n/a Germany n/a 19.01.2009
06141000114 Paul Oskam p.oskam1@kpnplanet.nl Netherlands Good condition 28.04.2012
06141000316 Joel Sandström joesan@spray.se Sweden It has some electrical problems, which I am trying to sort out. 03.06.2010
06141000396 Norbert Deutsch norbert.deutsch2@chello.at Austria n/a 29.01.2014
06141000459 n/a n/a Germany actually out of order, I am looking for a wiring diagram/operating manual 30.03.2008
06141000516 n/a n/a Germany n/a 16.02.2017
06141000575 Bernhard Hafner dr.b.hafner@gmx.net Germany n/a 26.02.2012
06141401179 n/a n/a Germany Working without problems. Jukebox in good condition with good sound. But without the original Amplifier. 09.06.2009
06141401274 Michael Reh reh.mi@t-online.de Germany n/a 23.07.2014
06141401281 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de Germany n/a 18.11.2007
06141500792 n/a n/a Germany n/a 21.03.2006
06141500883 n/a n/a Germany Jukebox in good condition, Sound is very well 09.05.2008
06141500913 Markus N info@online-radiomuseum.de Germany since 11/2006 working again. 20.11.2006
06144101311 Gary Millward mill4@tiscali.co.uk England Not working. Trying to find someone who can repair it and looking for spares. 26.11.2011
06146901005 Jiri Hovorka jirka.hovorka@gmail.com Czechia n/a 25.11.2018
06147001227 n/a n/a Denmark n/a 17.04.2012

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