Harting M2000 - base with mechanism

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Serial Number

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06211000072 n/a n/a Germany n/a 24.10.2011
06211700174 n/a n/a Germany Mechanism of selection box 06201600179 10.01.2016
06211700193 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de Unknown number on envelope of manual 21.03.2006
06211700471 Paul Oskam p.oskam1@kpnplanet.nl Netherlands Very nice green model 28.04.2012
06211700578 n/a n/a Switzerland Green version - found in an household clearance 01.09.2019
06212000381 Perry OConnor pez_28@bigpond.net.au Australia base part of #06207000343 - orange jukebox with 4 speakers and 3 record display box on the top. 24.02.2008
06212501271 Norbert Deutsch norbert.deutsch2@chello.at Austria n/a 29.01.2014
06311000875 Norbert Deutsch norbert.deutsch2@chello.at Austria Restauriert für einen Freund in Kärten 20.10.2016
06311000901 n/a n/a Germany brown version cabinet 21.05.2007