Electro-Kicker / Jupiter 120 S Stereo

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23136 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox.world.de France auction March 2007 17.03.2007
23466 Richard Kennedy rjakennedy@yahoo.com Ireland Just bought this 2 weeks ago. It is my first jukebox and would appreciate any help. It looks complete. Moves to a selection and thats it. 06.07.2009
23511 n/a n/a Germany n/a 15.03.2006
25799 n/a n/a Germany auction March 2008 15.03.2008
26172 jupiter 120s wimgoeree@home.nl Netherlands I bought this jupiter on a secondhand site. It stood in a garage for over a decade and non working. I brought it to a jukeboxrepairman and he fixed it for me.and now it plays in the livingroom nicely 08.07.2014
26202 Christian Kuhner info@christian-kuhner.de Germany n/a 06.07.2009
37614 Wilhelm Stoiber wilhelm.stoiber@beetleconnection.de Germany n/a 09.11.2010