IMA-AMI/Jensen J-80-H

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65654 n/a n/a Italy n/a 25.10.2010
65987 n/a n/a Denmark just bought this lovely jukebox 10-10-2016 and started to restore it. 20.10.2016
70112 John Wilson New Zealand n/a 16.05.2009
70113 n/a n/a New Zealand Generally good condition Currently bieng refurbished for use in a private bar 12.01.2010
70117 DENE TEMPLETON New Zealand this one is forsale in a second hand shop in auckland newzealand 15.03.2010
70126 n/a n/a Germany n/a 13.09.2007
70129 Anna Maria & Tobi Germany n/a 13.07.2008
70137 Rittsteiger Andreas Austria n/a 12.02.2006
70186 n/a n/a Germany n/a 08.11.2006
70484 Tim Peters Netherlands As good as new 25.02.2014
70816 n/a n/a New Zealand another one i picked up 11.04.2009
70818 n/a n/a New Zealand n/a 24.05.2009
70992 mads albertsen Denmark n/a 16.12.2011
70997 n/a n/a Denmark obs. jeg mangler,den øverste del af toppen. findes denne,som ´løsdel´-hav et godt år.HENNING SCHEIL. 18.05.2014