Deutsche Wurlitzer Lyric F

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5040937 n/a n/a Netherlands Prima 06.12.2019
5081924 Hildegard Stamann Unknown The Lyric E becomes the Lyric F - see SM page 101 21.05.2009
5090635 Dirk Mönkedieck Germany Today buyed.(19.09.2012). Only cleaned, becourse full funtion. I think, no repairs, becourse all parts original. Bellts new. 19.09.2012
5092313 Wortel Drie Netherlands n/a 06.10.2011
5092317 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 09.12.2010
5102625 n/a n/a Germany Vor 18 Jahren aus dem Keller eines Freundes geborgen. 26.02.2013
5112911 Eric France n/a 20.03.2015
6014221 n/a n/a Germany Ebay auction 03/2008 23.03.2008
6023876 n/a n/a Austria Stromlaufplan, Ger 27.01.2007
6054729 Ronald Suurland Germany according to Wilfried.niederhelmann is my LYRIC Jukebox from May 1966 It is in exelent working condition in my living room 02.12.2017