Deutsche Wurlitzer Lyric M

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Serial Number

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7077696 n/a n/a England n/a 06.02.2021
7077871 Ralf Hesse Germany without coin checking device 05.06.2013
7077906 n/a n/a England Wurlitzer german 15.12.2017
7087881 Hildegard Stamann Unknown reversed action of carriage switch US and reverse relay U - produced til 1969 21.05.2009
7098101 n/a n/a Germany Wurlitzer Lyric M 27.08.2008
711853x Reffle Hans Germany n/a 25.01.2018
7127972 F.-P. Rapp Germany Number inside cabinet SN Plate fragmented 14.12.2010
7128767 Ch. Ostermeier Austria n/a 03.01.2016
8111666 Hans Beer Germany n/a 08.12.2012