Deutsche Wurlitzer Baltic

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Serial Number

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14200001 Hildegard Stamann Unknown commencing serial number for Baltic 1975 26.10.2010
14218581 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 19.03.2006
14228731 mike saint England fully working in use 18.10.2012
15019044 n/a n/a England Working order without coin operation 13.04.2020
15019128 n/a n/a USA n/a 16.09.2018
15029318 n/a n/a Germany Ebay auction 01/2008 01.01.2008
15039898 Fully working, not restored England n/a 30.04.2007
15040116 n/a n/a Switzerland n/a 06.07.2008
15070683 Peter Morrison Scotland Looking for service manual to get it going. 28.03.2012
15070742 Arthur Bootsmann Germany Wurlitzer Baltic 1, Bj. 1975 in very good state, refurbished, playing all 80 music titles with preselection, in good looking state and with teriffic sound. White top section, which is rare and incomparable to the follow-on models Baltic 2 or 3 from a design point of view. 18.04.2017