Wurlitzer 3800 - Americana

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823170 n/a n/a Canada n/a 10.12.2008
823415 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 09/2008 02.09.2008
823521 n/a n/a Belgium Very strange is that this one has the >playing record< indication on top of the door. The previous one I fixed did have the indication of the playing record deep in the mechanism and visible only trough a little window and reflected on a mirror close to the record drum. 27.11.2010
823868 n/a n/a USA n/a 26.05.2008
823914 Roger Runft rock-ola@web.de Germany German Version 50 HZ 18.02.2006
824088 n/a n/a Puerto Rico I live in San Juan,Puerto Rico. 15.01.2012
824257 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 03/2008 08.03.2008
824369 n/a n/a France Ebay auction 02/2008 22.02.2008
824531 n/a n/a Unknown jukebox parted out 17.01.2012
825163 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de USA n/a 28.04.2007
825433 n/a n/a USA n/a 17.04.2019
825726 Michel Malicheff michel.malicheff@telenet.be Belgium n/a 12.01.2010