Various Shyvers: Multiphone - selector&speaker

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0041 n/a n/a USA n/a 20.03.2011
0092 n/a n/a USA Lock arm #892; Left arm #92; Selector ring #737 09.05.2012
0171 n/a n/a USA says 5 cent but have seen some with 10 cent. 12.01.2016
0199 n/a n/a USA number found on lock and underneath bottom body 12.12.2012
0212 Ben Coleman USA Blue cobalt reflectors nice case drilled on top for light. I do not know if that could be origanal by MFG as it was well done. 07.08.2010
0243 n/a n/a USA Sold at Fine Estate Auctions (USA), Oct 21, 2018 04.03.2019
0286 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction june 2019 04.06.2019
0363 Chuck Wolf USA Nice original Shyvers Multiphone with the very rare Wall Bracket! 29.01.2008
0645 Chuck Wolf USA Original Shyvers Multiphone 29.01.2008
0867 n/a n/a USA Sold at Dan Morphy Auctions, Denver (USA) on Oct 15, 2011 04.03.2019
0933 n/a n/a England n/a 03.07.2008
1123 Chuck Wolf USA Excellent original Shyvers Multiphone with the Original Wall Bracket! 29.01.2008
1208 Stan Wall USA Top near coin drop. Early model with 5 cent coin drop. Red lenses. Complete w/coin box and base. Working condition. Non restored 30.11.2013
1505 n/a n/a Germany listed as auction 28.08.2018