Mills Empress

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40282 n/a n/a Germany Nice original, works great 04.10.2010
41135 Jordan Pitcher USA Blue/yellow color scheme 15.01.2021
41901 CHRIS FOSTER USA Has been in my family for over 50 yrs. Just started the restoration. 27.11.2010
42571 Hildegard Stamann Netherlands n/a 22.04.2006
43747 Leif Olsen Sweden To be restored 03.09.2019
44734 Dirk Schirner Germany n/a 24.02.2009
45730 n/a n/a USA excellent condition, a real beauty 17.09.2009
46451 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 22.04.2006
47203 n/a n/a USA n/a 24.03.2018