Ant. Apparatus (Rock-Ola) Bubbler - CD8 Series III

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503601 Hildegard Stamann USA manufactured 3-13-2000; auction 17.06.2007
539701 Hildegard Stamann USA n/a 02.09.2006
550861 n/a n/a USA n/a 14.09.2008
560606 Gary Bickler USA n/a 08.10.2018
560980 Michel Vieille France black system 5A, with error oucplah. Do you have the possibility of helping me to remove this fault which prevents the jukebox from working? I don't have the manual for this S-5A version, can you send the PDF to me by email? 09.09.2021
561056 Mark Col USA I purchased this CD-8 brand new in 1993. It has the optional Oak finish on the cabinet and the optional Remote Control. 01.09.2008
561944 Hildegard Stamann USA n/a 09.12.2006
563267 n/a n/a Brasil n/a 30.04.2015
604801 n/a n/a USA EXCELLENT CONDITION-SELLING FOR 5,000 06.02.2014
604801 LEE HALE USA excellent conditon sell for 5,000 06.02.2014
698601 Hildegard Stamann USA n/a 06.09.2006