Nat. Instruments Pty. JEL200A

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5112 n/a n/a Australia Model JEL 200A Licenced By Rowe A C Manufacturing USA Manufactured by National Instruments Pty Ltd Phillips Rd Kogarah NSW Australia volts 230 250 cycles 50 watts 330 14.03.2009
5133 n/a n/a Australia n/a 30.11.2009
5176 FRANK DEAN Australia Going well 04.01.2010
5274 Erwin Boot Flamingo Records and Automatic Music Co Australia n/a 06.11.2009
5296 n/a n/a Australia n/a 30.11.2009
5370 n/a n/a Unknown Only ID plate left over; Note that these machines had little value back then, a working/complete/reasonably straight JAL/JEL around 1982-6 would have typically sold for about $400 AUD within the industry and it would not sell fast. I bought this one in 1981 for $150, complete, no warranty - rough - working with minor faults. Note that I have only ever seen JEL 200s that were made in Australia, I have never seen an Australian Made JAL 200, they have all been US imports. 07.11.2014