Rock-Ola 1620 - Stereo Twin

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nicht vorhanden Christian Kuhner Germany leider keine Seriennummer vorhanden, es ist mir nicht bekannt ob diese Lautsprecher mit Seriennummer ausgeliefert wurden 25.05.2011
No serial number Robert Richardson USA I had found this pair of speakers on Craigs List from a seller who did not know the value of these hard to find speakers. Lucky me. However, the crossovers had been removed as well as the horn tweeters. But they have all been restored to original condition for my 1493. 26.11.2011
No serial number Robert Richardson USA I found this set of speakers in the remote city of Cozad, Nebraska. The seller was in the coin op business and removed them from a local bar. The bar owner used to hide money in them after a long evening. 19.05.2012