Rock-Ola 1493 - Princess

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235047 n/a n/a Austria n/a 04.12.2009
235051 n/a n/a Germany n/a 13.04.2009
235077 Tejo Van den Broeck Belgium n/a 25.06.2007
235080 Bernd Meding Germany n/a 11.03.2011
235108 Eberhard Bunke Germany Habe vor 22 Jahren gebraucht gekauft 20.12.2006
235151 n/a n/a Germany n/a 15.03.2014
235285 Uwe Germany 2005 gebraucht gekauft und komplett warten lassen. Spielte bisher einwandfrei und macht jetz wieder kleine Probleme. Trotzdem mein Lieblingsst 22.03.2008
235289 uwe, kerpen, germany Germany in mint condition, powerful working, i use every week for dancin 25.12.2006
235338 n/a n/a Germany n/a 03.02.2009
235526 n/a n/a Unknown jukebox parted out, only ID plate left 02.10.2009
235603 Simon Edy England n/a 12.11.2006
235626 n/a n/a Unknown only ID plate 16.06.2009
235721 M. Schreiber Germany A pleasure to play 27.08.2006
236000 Oliver Stamann Germany 50 Hz version 14.05.2006
236107 n/a n/a England Lovely restored example. Sitting in my living room, plays lovely 14.01.2013
236219 Robert Richardson USA Just picked up yesterday from a private party in Defiance, Ohio. In poor condition but most of the bits and pieces are there. Back door and mech cover are missing, but it will make for a good restoration project. 20.07.2014
236627 n/a n/a Germany n/a 17.01.2012
236739 n/a n/a England From Tony Holmes in 1994. 18.01.2010
236750 N Hewitt England A fully refurbished Rock-Ola Princess 1493. Fully working and used every day. 11.12.2011
236905 n/a n/a Austria n/a 13.06.2017
236951 n/a n/a France n/a 10.11.2008
237212 n/a n/a USA Currently being restored as of October 10, 2010. 07.10.2010
237252 Hartmut Bräuer Germany Seit ca. 30 Jahren in meinem Besitz.\\r\\nWurde jetzt aufwändig Restauriert 02.01.2012
237299 n/a n/a Austria n/a 13.04.2009
237516 Hildegard Stamann Unknown only ID tag is left 08.05.2008
237518 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 03/2008, Only ID plate left. 10.03.2008
237659 Michael Krah Germany in restoration 18.02.2006
237816 n/a n/a Norway Good working condition. 20.11.2018
237826 n/a n/a Germany n/a 21.10.2013
237826 n/a n/a Germany n/a 21.10.2013
237846 n/a n/a Germany n/a 13.11.2013
237853 n/a n/a Germany 50 Hz version 08.03.2006
237978 Bret Checketts USA Great little Jewel of a Jukebox! This lil unrestored Juke is still selecting records lightning fast and sounds crystal clear with lots of bass! Im surprised that it still has its orignal tubes, flourescent lights and motors and runs like a dream. it needs everything rechromed and the vacuum formed shroud pieces need repairs here and there and its missing 1 diamond accent piece. but its an all around great box and fits perfect in my dining room due to its compact size! anyone have a source for parts on these? 07.06.2009
238019 n/a n/a England Imported from the USA in 2017 and now fully restored. Now settled in a home in Essex. 11.11.2017
238249 n/a n/a Germany n/a 17.11.2012
238774 Robert Richardson USA Bought from private party in Cleveland, moved to Detroit area for restoration. End result is a beautiful machine. Just added a 1745 stepper and wallbox. Working on getting Rockola speakers from the era. 27.08.2011
238777 Colin Arrowsmith England 110V 60 Hz model. Bought from the Netherlands, complete but needs full restoration. In progress now, just got a good paint match and castings being re-chromed. Restoration very time consuming but enjoyable. 14.08.2016
238917 frank Belgium already 30 years ago i bought this princess from a local mover who had it in his storage. still in good working order; 15.06.2008
238990 Rodney England Purchased restored from The Games Room Company. 11.08.2020
239012 Robert Orth USA I bought this machine while I was in high school and restored it with a friend. It still sounds great and looks awesome. 28.12.2006
239162 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 03/2008 04.03.2008
239181 n/a n/a England Ebay auction 01/2008 10.01.2008
239217 Klaus Becker Germany New Chrome - fine condition - since 10 years in my living room 26.07.2006
239947 na Austria restored 18.03.2006
240080 n/a n/a Germany gesehen bei ebay 23.02.2006
240084 Markus Germany 1981 voll funktionsfähig auf einem Flohmarkt in Köln für 600 Dm gekauft- defekt seit 2011 :-(( 15.10.2012
240334 n/a n/a USA Restored, a great little jukebox 03.03.2019
240621 n/a n/a England Shipped from U.S 2015 - full restoration in progress. 13.10.2015
240833 n/a n/a Austria n/a 19.04.2006
240847 n/a n/a Germany n/a 28.12.2006
240867 Jürgen Sollweck Germany 2018 restauriert 16.09.2018
240883 M. Brem Germany n/a 16.08.2007
240901 Oliver Stamann Germany needs restoration 09.02.2006
240910 Hildegard Stamann Germany auction June 2007 13.06.2007
241122 n/a n/a USA n/a 09.06.2008
241382 n/a n/a Austria Sehr tolle Jukebox. 28.12.2007
241449 Sebastian Germany n/a 09.05.2008
241540 Nada OMeara England Purchased 02/08 working and with sympathetic restoration from Neil Patrick Jukebox Revival. Imported from Europe, Belgium/Germany? It will be an ongoing labour of love like our cars..Citroen 2CVs!! 06.02.2009
241578 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 08/2013 27.08.2013
241613 John H Brown USA 1493 Rock-ola Princess. Have had this jukebox for 30 years. Finally have started restoration of it. Parts are in chrome shop. All disassembled ready for cleaning and painting. 09.11.2015
241681 Black Forest Warehouse Germany n/a 05.10.2015
241954 Hildegard Stamann Germany n/a 30.04.2007
241996 n/a n/a Austria Steht nun in Süd-Österreich, Steiermark, Nähe Graz, wurde komplett restauriert, Geburtstagsgeschenk zum 60. Geburtstag 13.06.2019
242061 Robert Richardson USA I just picked this jukebox up from South Carolina for restoration. I have never seen it, but it is a Reverba-Sound machine with a reverberation unit attached to the back wall and a factory applied decal on the front glass. 18.09.2011
242157 Rainer Böhm Germany Restored 2017 Original Housing Sides New Chrome 19.08.2017
242173 wolfgang m. stein Germany Die Prinzessin Modell 1493 habe ich 1984 für ca. 100 DM gekauft. Leider wurde sie 1999 bei einem Zimmerbrand beschädigt. Nachdem ich einige Gummis am Getriebe und Motor habe lösen können, spielte meine Prinzessin wieder. Danach stand sie unbeachtet in der Abstellkammer. 2011 habe ich sie in mein neues Zuhause gebracht und jetzt erfreut sie die ganze Familie. Ich hoffe weitere 50 Jahre. 20.06.2011
242523 John West England Purchased unrestored from The JukeBox Shop, Lye at the Copthorne Show, April 2003. Working well now. 04.01.2007
242619 Rick Charriere USA I inherited juke box from my uncle who passed away 2 years ago. Works and sounds great. Wanting info on exact age and possibly who originally purchased it. 13.01.2009
242926 Markus Clemens Germany n/a 15.10.2006
242928 n/a n/a Germany Serial number in so called "Musikautomatenbrief" - comparable with a vehicle title 18.08.2017
243012 n/a n/a Germany n/a 08.06.2015
243066 n/a n/a Austria n/a 04.06.2006
243290 Jay Hennigan USA Purchased from private party in Lockwood Valley, CA. Supposedly had been on location there in Al`s bar since new. 14.07.2009
243479 Steven Petrie USA n/a 16.08.2009
243688 n/a n/a Germany n/a 03.06.2014
243992 Ralf Schr Germany Unrestauriert 05.11.2006

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