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60090 Ed Jamieson USA Additionally the Model 700 Record Changer Mechanism has the serial number 100095. 26.01.2018
60211 Ronald Netherlands n/a 12.10.2006
60653 n/a n/a USA Speckled pink painted. 05.11.2020
61194 Hildegard Stamann USA auction Feb 2007 28.02.2007
61260 Adam Hesyck USA n/a 12.04.2020
62051 Jim Dirksen USA n/a 09.06.2007
62377 n/a n/a USA Mahagony model 11.10.2020
63189 Ken Kirk USA Just bought my first jukebox, there goes the savings account! 20.10.2007
63587 n/a n/a USA wish to make it operational for our museum. Also would like operating manual plus or minus a history of the machine. 22.12.2019
63812 n/a n/a USA n/a 02.05.2008
64068 Bob Mitzel USA n/a 04.02.2019
64108 Matthias Geweke Germany n/a 06.12.2007
64360 Christian Scheit Germany music for you by AMI - was sonst? 28.11.2013
64502 Robert Waldron USA n/a 10.10.2011
64741 Cathy Shelbrack Wittenwyler USA My grandpa loved this jukebox, I was lucky enough to purchase it from my uncle after the estate sale 24.11.2012
66633 n/a n/a USA Ebay auction 01/2018, only ID plate left 16.01.2018
67179 n/a n/a Germany n/a 26.06.2006
67450 Ross Schulz USA also have ami c that i converted back to 78 rpm 05.11.2017

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