AMI/ROWE JJK-200 - Model K200, automatic

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Serial Number

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555001 Hildegard Stamann Unknown beginning serial number 22.04.2006
555185 n/a n/a USA machine is for sale 04.03.2009
555253 LeAnn Hamby USA Also has several thousand 45s and it is For Sale Mod.JJK-200 21.04.2010
555296 Steve Keenan England ebay auction 05-September-2010 05.09.2010
555429 Steve Keenan England n/a 15.05.2007
555440 n/a n/a Germany n/a 21.04.2010
555740 n/a n/a Austria n/a 19.04.2006
555748 Norbert Liebler Austria I am looking for a wallbox 11.01.2012
556507 Mark Andrada USA Not the original owner. Unit was purchased refurbished and serviced with all original chrome, cabinet and glass dome from a record and vintage electronics and collectible shop in Hollywood. 13.04.2020
556534 n/a n/a Norway Changed main transformator and B side coil. Has been in Norway since New. 17.11.2014
556614 n/a n/a Germany Number listed in so called "Musik-Automatenbrief" 09.03.2018