AMI/ROWE MM-3 - Music Miracle

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771031 Hildegard Stamann USA auction 07/2007 21.07.2007
771832 n/a n/a USA This jukebox plays 45 rpm records and has a slide wheel inside that when you insert picture slides, it shows on a screen on the front of the jukebox. 25.10.2009
773071 n/a n/a USA n/a 01.08.2006
775013 n/a n/a Germany Complete Model ID: MM3X 06F; manufactured for 50cy 115V 06.06.2018
775254 wim van Leest Netherlands n/a 10.02.2008
775767 Jeff Johnson USA I acquired this jukebox in the 90's. It was on someones porch,with broken glass and full of leaves. They wanted it gone. Would love to find the history of where it has been. 30.09.2020
775943 BUDDY 49CHRYSLER@GMAIL.COM USA i have this jukebox with all the original 45 records. how do i find out its value? 17.12.2010
780139 Hildegard Stamann Germany auction May 2007 29.05.2007