AMI/ROWE Wallette WRA - 4 digit #

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Serial Number

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1165 Rittsteiger Andreas Austria n/a 22.12.2006
1274 n/a n/a USA n/a 10.08.2020
1988 n/a n/a England n/a 22.08.2018
2369 n/a n/a Austria n/a 17.09.2006
2376 n/a n/a Austria Ebay auction 02/2008 12.02.2008
5587 Randall Delong USA Functional but I have not yet refurbished it 25.04.2020
6435 Wilhelm Stoiber Germany WRA 200 18.10.2011
7675 Peter Schroeder, Hamburg, Germany Germany Not yet from lack of time connected 26.06.2006
7753 Randall Delong USA Great shape, completely functional. Working with Wallbox2MP3 device. 25.04.2020
8769 Thomas Taylor England Working converted to play from iPod. Nice overall condition. White back and white inside display. I was told it was made especially for butterbeans country cafe. USA. 02.01.2021
9300 Karl USA n/a 23.01.2008
9674 Wilhelm Stoiber Germany WRA 200 18.10.2011
ohne Nummer Wilhelm Stoiber Germany WRA 200 ohne Serien Nr. und ohne Münzer 18.10.2011