Rock-Ola 473 - Sybaris

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730437 Erwin Boot Australia located in Western Australia; for sale on a local site 04.09.2012
730574 n/a n/a England Purchased this 473 in September 2010 - Condition is not great - restoration begins 11.09.2010
730757 Julia Fissenebert Germany n/a 14.08.2007
730838 G Jahn Germany own service manual, parts catalog and wiring diagram for models 473 and 474. 13.01.2016
730851 Hildegard Stamann Unknown see packing list, dated 04-12-1978 19.02.2007
730982 n/a n/a Canada n/a 19.10.2011
731005 n/a n/a Germany This Rock-Ola 473 doesn't have the light animation, a simple design only saying "Rock-Ola" in the upper and "Sybaris" in the lower glass. Version by German NOVA, a unique or a customized one? 07.06.2018
731072 n/a n/a Poland n/a 21.11.2006
731106 Petr Petura Czechia n/a 29.12.2014
731267 Hildegard Stamann Unknown I do not know if this Model still exists. The number is given on the inner pack check list which is included with the manual. 21.11.2006
731596 Dave Potterton Canada n/a 05.01.2010