Rock-Ola 1418 - Commando - Series E

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76056 Thierry Streng Luxembourg Same remark for the id plate as the owner of the machine nummber 76100 made: first there was model number 1419 stamped on it and later on the 9 was overstamped with a bigger 8. 17.03.2014
76100 n/a n/a USA Type stamped on ID plate: 1419 but with a larger `8` added on top of the `9` 27.04.2011
76223 Jim Dirksen USA ID tag has a mistake, reads 1419 with a larger 8 re-stamped over the number 9. 08.08.2021
77417 n/a n/a USA for sale 4-2018 04.04.2017