Rock-Ola 1420 - Commando - Series E

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76825 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 29.04.2006
77019 n/a n/a USA Restored machine 24.07.2016
77491 Thierry Streng Luxembourg n/a 20.01.2014
77829 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 10.10.2011
78025 n/a n/a USA It must have been sitting for a long time. The record title strips are all 1940 s Big Band songs. It has a license card stamped `1947`. It has metal strips at the front glass seams. Perhaps it was an artistic addition? 01.05.2011
78105 n/a n/a USA with glass pilasters 01.05.2011
78745 n/a n/a USA Unrestored condition 09.07.2016
78830 n/a n/a Netherlands older restoration 24.01.2020